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>.< such an odd start to the day~! gaaaaaaa
Last night I layed down before Leigh came home from working late, and it was one of those "what time is it? am I late for work?" I looked at the clock and it was 9 pm, but as it was dark and rainy...I didn't know if it was day or night I thought it was morning and thought I was late for work

>.<.......darn! deja vue... I NEVER do this ... lol! I woke up today at 9:15 (due in at 8:30) could a week of no eating & pain contribute? ahha perhaps... but ^_^ yay for me...NOTHING is going on at work yet really - so..little matter, I just felt freakingly more stupid then usual.

For some reason, my Laruku fever is on overdrive....why is that? haha I just ordered Ectomoprhed works (the only Laruku cd I didn't have) and Yuki's
faults cd.... and oh my! I just happened to sucker in even deeper and order the shibuya photo book & the exquisite photobook pic was posted on Hidoko's lj *chu!!!!!!*
I hope my friends like the tapes/cd I plan to send out tomorrow.. *hollars to Sochan... you want Gackt's 2003 live concert? *

and perhaps it is only me - perhaps I'm just 20+ older then everyone I seem to see online. but geez.. does the Whole world piss everyone off ??? Perhaps I am too lazy and have not the energy for such hatred= so please excuse me if I don't hoot & holler and join in your hate fest of the moment (hahah ! No NO ! This is not aimed at any particular person - I just see to much .. hate..) signed veganhippywimp *chu*
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