nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

getting ready to blow this pop stand


I received a unit of blood during my stay - and my hemoglobin has already taken a dive from 9.5 post transfusion to 8.8
...the good news is that I'm not bleeding anywhere, the problem seems to be what we thought, an iron absorption issue. I met a real nice gastrointerologist, so that is pretty awesome.

I had an endoscopy done & a colonoscopy to find out if there were ulcerations or anything... the colonoscopy procedure is not my favorite but CRIMINI what sadist thought that making me drink 3 liters of GoLYTELY was a good thing! Crap... well speaking of crap,
my system doesn't work like other people - I drank this ungodly amount of solution on Sunday for Monday's colonoscopy...
my system is so slow that last night, I was feeling the ill effects
O_o I must say that I'm incredibly grateful that I have a private room (I'm required to have a private room because I have had MRSA and I have VRE )

The nurses always comment on how skinny I am - lol they should have seen me before my TPN treatments

Before TPN treatments  3/7/09 Before TPN treatments 3/7/09
TPN treatments  May  7 2009 TPN treatments May 7 2009

hugs & peace to all of you
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