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Mr Sandman...

Ahh it's the first time we've had the a/c on since the big Blackout 2003 episode.. Yay coolness!

I'm feeling a bit like a slug today - my period started - so therefore cramps..but compared to the IBS pain I just got over, this will seem rather mild in comparison..

I imagine it will even be slower at work tomorrow & Friday (if that is possible) since most of the consultants are going to some 2 day staff meeting. ^_^ I did have a chance to copy cd's for people -

I passed a coworker's computer today, and her wallpaper looked like it was Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. *hah!* I imagine NOBODY goes by her computer to inquire "Who is she?" I didn't think my current wallpaper was exceptionally girly My wallpaper
The shocker- though was when a friend saw my wallpaper yesterday and said "IS that you?"
O.o! OK on what planet do I resemble Hyde? lol -.- followed by "Oh, is that a singer? Who is SHE?" So I am really thinking I should just forget about trying to have a somewhat 'conservative' wallpaper - and just embrace the all out in yourface girlygirly Haido that I love! haha - since they think he's a girl anyway .. snort.. They all swore Duel Jewel no minnasan were women too - ahh oh well , it's what you get used to I suppose.

I find that pain causes me to have odd dreams - or perhaps just remember them as I tend to awaken more frequently. *laugh* Why is it that I always wake up before anything really exciting happens? Dreams never make much sense to me - and this is a case in point. Perhaps it was triggered by pain, restlessness and a friend who was teasing me about being a bit weird & prudish when I reacted to some smutty Hyde remarks.. =p haha Anyway , the dream started where one could insert a music video into a tape machine, the like "voila" the artists would appear in another screen, and you could enter their world. I think Paul McCartney was in the dream too.. ahha I don't recall for sure. Then the scene morphed to this odd Disney land like layout - and a building that looked like a Taco bell? I entered the room and it had some Mexican women, who for whatever reason, were not wearing any tops. They weren't doing anything but chatting, and sitting on a bed. Then I look to the side of the room (it's a big bed! lol) and Hyde is laying down - naked .. (but in the dream I just remember seeing his torso really..haha HONEST).. and Hyde would go to hug some of the bare-chested women, who all shrieked away, afraid. I just recall being in the corner and staring at the whole scene, then trying to act as if I wasn't staring. Then ahah of course, as I finally summon some courage to walk towards the center of the room I woke up. ahh dreams always bizarre
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