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It's certainly been a wacky week - starting with the staph infection, a tango with an unwieldy IV pole - & yesterday I did a pretty decent imitation of Linda Blair hahah! The Exorcist
so I'm back in the hospital. I would have just stayed at home, but my hemoglobin was 7.1 according to the labs drawn on Monday - so I had an appointment already set up for today to get a blood transfusion - oddly enough my blood draws done at the hospital show my hemoglobin level to be 9.1 - but they think it could be due to dehydration since I was throwing up yesterday about every 20 minutes - so it could possibly drop back down after I am more hydrated.

I was rather surprised and disappointed to find out that there is a nationwide shortage of dilaudid, which is a very effective pain killer & for me, it is more effective than morphine.. crimini, why does a nationwide shortage happen?
While googling the topic, I came upon this disturbing forum opiophile >.< arggghh it's people like this that make life difficult for folk like me with chronic pain

I think my stay here will be a relatively short one - ^_^ hoping to go home tomorrow

I found this rather interesting- do any of these nominees get your vote?
Worst people on reality tv

This video is so sweet & touching

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