nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Perils with an I.V. Pole

Pic taken while I was still conscious yesterday

Holy crap! Yesterday I went in my kitchen with my IV pole in tow, and it got hung up on the world's ugliest lighting fixture - the top of the pole got tangled into one of the bulbs and the vancomycin hit the floor.
I manage to unhook the pole without ripping out the lighting fixture and decided to sit down - I freaked out when I realized that my IV line was filling with blood. Dr. Leigh, aka Nurse McGuyver, came back home & was very calm and collected - he flushed my IV (which thankfully wasn't torn out) cleared the line, and continued with the gravity IV treatment.

I'm looking on the bright side - finally an excuse to throw away the world's ugliest kitchen fixture! I've hated it since we bought the house over 15 years ago - it was just one of those things I over looked but now we have a reason to get of the damn thing


So far, it's been a rough start to the weekend - I've been throwing up since 3 am (and poor Leigh, he has to hop out of bed each time and help me to the bathroom with TPN and IV pole in hand) - Kaz almost
climbed into bed with me (awww )
I think I'm going to go back to bed
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