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100 lbs & counting

Finale ~ courtesy of Liv Finale ~ courtesy of Liv

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I've been on TPN IV nutrition for about 5 weeks - & I've managed to
reach the elusive 100 lb mark. I wonder how I'll ever maintain the weight once I get off of TPN. I went to the Weight Control Center & perhaps one of the few patients that have wanted to gain weight. The dietitian was supportive of my vegetarian diet & in fact, it seems that my veggie/whole food diet is quite beneficial. I hope that a diet schedule helps with the pain - I'm advised to not drink any beverages while eating & to avoid sugary foods.

I have a visiting nurse over once a week who does bloodwork & the most recent labs showed a low hemoglobin rate of 8.5 - my general doc wanted me to go to the ER & get 2 units of blood, but I politely declined - my bariatric surgeon thinks the hemoglobin can be managed through alterations in my TPN.
Tests also showed that I have a staph infection & today I've started on vancomycin. =p Other than the possible side effects of permanent hearing loss & kidney failure, I shouldn't worry about taking vanco *snort*

I told Leigh that I really appreciate the fact that I get the feeling that we are a team when it comes to my complicated health issues - he's never made me feel like I was a burden or that it was too gross.

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