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slow start - but things looking better

yo who you calling girly?

FIRST & FOREMOST!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS & Best wishes to Domo.. wow. . just today I was wondering with the Bfish since I hadn't seen you about for a bit.. Thinking of you!!!!!!!!!

I was awfully tired this morning - but made it in to work. ^_^ yay! I was rather half asleep and it was a very slow day - my bosses are all gone? haha oh well..lucky for me.

& as this incredibly generous cdjapan 500 yen coupon was burning a hole in my pocket - I bought the Laruku cd's I didn't have haha ectomorphed/acid android-faults) damn them LOL that's like less then $5 hahah joke is on me

^_^ Sankyuu Katie for the FU! Icon... I can't wait to use it.. and ahh? I still can't believe drops_of_colour is so sweet.. kyaaa here comes all the icons

A big big hug to Moonsong who sooo sweetly sent me Gackt's 2003 live ~~~!!!!!!!! ~0~

oh yay! I am pain free for the first time in days.. ahh IBS sucks, so I hope nobody out there Ever has it, or has to deal with it...... and a special Hug to Kana - who I think understands the annoyance of chronic pain that makes you feel defeated, stupid, whiney, and often (for me at least) a crybaby.. especially when I think many folk are out there with troubles I can't imagine ... every day 24/7 ...

and I ate for the first time in about 3 days.. Food still scares me a bit hahaha but ahh Leigh enjoyed dinner a lot.. it was Pasta with Olive oil & garlic sauce with Pecans, parsley & lemon rind.. The only chore was chopping the garlic & parsley - but it's a very nice/light/ fresh meal..
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