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we can't escape it...even if we try [Sep. 11th, 2002|08:21 pm]
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How strange is it?? that old words always take on new meanings in tragic events.. Where can I find you?? who would have thought.

I was pretty successful so far - watched only the 15 minutes of TV that Leigh turned on. and WHY watch it? sorry - we've been clubbed over the head with 9/11 stories since 9/11/01.. and I hate the sensationalist nature of it all. Real people died, suffered, lost their mothers, fathers, children.

I am easily sucked up in sad events.. I just sometimes am annoyed that Americans forget that gawd!! Exqueeze me!!!!!! Africans are dying of AIDS at a more rapid rate then 9/11 incident - as bad as it was. And I send virtual prayers to the folks in Afghanistan who have had their homes blown to smithereens because we THINK they have ties to Osama Bin Ladan (how funny.. that sounds so Japanese Osama Bidladem)

and of course I love the people in the US putting their butt on the line . (Special kudos to pals like Ger.. who must hate me!!!!!*hides*)

[User Picture]From: darcenciel
2002-09-11 06:30 pm (UTC)
I don't hate you. ^^ It just saddens me that I'm willing to die for a country which is so hated by many of its own citizens.

That's not directed at you. I've just seen so many "I hate being American" posts on LJ today that I really have nothing to say anymore. I'm just very sad.
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[User Picture]From: nepenthes59
2002-09-11 07:25 pm (UTC)

ger if I can be pest (ok I am always)\
PLEASE HELP ME I am so stuck in that maelstrom of "I am American" vs " other troubles

mostly my feeling is ... I am just a bit wimp!! I want everyone to live together. It is so sad that I have friends from Palestine & from Israel.. argggghhhhh it's like having friends from Japan & N korea I guess..

and lOL of ger in his right mind says" Who is this weird broad???

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