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Back at Chez Beaumont with Musher #2

I recently took a hydrogen breath test at my husband's urging &
I'm rather impressed & proud that he was absolutely correct- I do have fructose malabsorption. (it is common in folks with surgeries like mine) I'm really glad that I have never been a big soda/pop drinker since those can really cause me a lot of pain.
My surgeon suspects that I have a blind loop - & I have started taking antibiotics. I think it is actually helping, but since I've thrown up so often in the past month I've become rather run down.

So I am back at Chez Beaumont (hospital) & am looking forward to some IV nutrition to get me back in fighting shape. Fortunately, my surgeon was able to secure a spot for me (OK it took 2 days to happen, but who is complaining - it sure beats sitting in ER waiting room for 12 hours. Considering today is St Patty's Day, I wonder how lively the ER is

I've been a long time fan of T R Reid - a talented writer who was the Tokyo Bureau Chief for the Washington Post. I'm enjoying his book Confucius lives next door What living in the East teaches us about living in the West. It shows the effect of Confucian values & morals - & it is not too rose colored or sugar coated, he doesn't ignore the problems of life in Asia - but there are definitely qualities of life that I find admirable.

Despite his disdain for vegetarians - I enjoy watching Anthony Bourdain's Travel show - No Reservations. It appeals to the cultural anthropologist wannabe in me & I find the show always interesting.
There is a new show on the travel channel which annoys the hell out of me - Bridget's Sexiest Beaches Oh paaleezee! Besides having big boobs & blonde hair (& apparently a former resident at the Playboy Mansion) I've yet to figure what qualifies her to have a travel show... oh wait, yeah I guess it's just the boobs & blond hair. (& I have nothing against boobs or blonds & actually do kind of miss the boobs I used to have...but I digress) Does this annoy anyone else, or is it just me? She seems like just a hack to me the rachel ray of the travel channel - oh pardon me, I'm just a bit grouchy without my pain meds....

After decades of neglect - I finally made an appointment to see an eye doctor (funny how other medical issues can keep one distracted from other medical details) & I now have a pair of specs. My super thin face always looks better when camouflaged behind a prettier face- that of Kaz, my Siberian. I've thrown in a few shots pre-spectacle of Sally & King

Musher sends out hugs & good wishes to all of you
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