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The suspense is killing us - so who is the 1st runner up already?

Waiting on clean water - >.< - It's a bit spooky to think you can get really sick from drinking your tap water. Hopefully by today or tomorrow? The weather cooled off a bit, so I'm not so anxious about the a/c.

Priority #1 - pain meds..
I'm off sick from work today because my stomach decided to go on strike (it does that now and again - and I'm not always sure what the cause is.. it could be a number of things). I'd been hording some pain meds I had from last time it flared up - and took the 2 I had left to sleep a few hours w/o pain. I just called my Dr. and should get some more this afternoon. It's just annoying because unlike cramps (which I can sort of get thru with a heating pad) this is just rather paralyzing.. I can't eat or do anything but be in pain. It comes and goes though - and ^_^ yay! This is one of those brief painfree moments.

Last night Leigh & I watched "Chocolat" on Canadian TV.. too damn many commercial breaks--but I always thought the movie quite charming..

Runs off to finish video copying for drop_of_color .. OK OK who am I kidding *laugh* I'm not running off to do much lately.. how about strongly thinking about it.
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