nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

I spent most of the day like this:

I felt relatively productive yesterday - well, productive for me at any rate. I took a quick trip to the grocery store, went to class then made breast of tofu & Julie's Peanut Sesame Noodles
.. well that spurt of activity was short lived. I woke up this morning & went to the bathroom. This is when I was faced with the ilemma... what does one do when they have to throw up while taking a pee ha! I kept my mouth shut & it started to squirt out of my nose.. Since that was the great start to my day, I went straight back to bed & didn't wake up til 2:00.

Being the geek that he is, Hyde's new best of album website was launched today since it is Friday 13.. Hyde Best Being the geek that I am, there was a time when I would have stayed up to wait for the website launch.. I found this quite fun - Kaz & girlyman Hyde at their entertaining best You gotta kick start now


Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day - Sometimes I feel utterly useless & it's a feeling I need to fight.

I heard Patty LaBelle on the Oprah show today - when she was talking about a close friend who had passed she remarked "He's not dead, he has gone to a party in Heaven" I quite liked that notion!

hugs & love
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