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Now that my house burned down, I have a better view of the moon

Blackout 2003

I suppose Thursday wasn't a total loss - LOL I did get this really nice postcard from Hydeist staff in my email. (last summer's post card Hyde was on the beach in Taiwan.. guess no chance to go to the ocean this year) Then at about 4:10 pm, I joined the 50 million or so people who lost power from New York to Canada. It was quite a spooky thing at first. I was at work (our generators kicked in after the power went) and there is a TV production lab in the dept. I work in. We all start looking at CNN and of course everyone thinks at first it is some Terrorist event. The ride home usually takes me 15 min, and took me over an hour. (no traffic lights)

No electricity - Water treatment plants don't work, phones usually don't work, Gas stations don't work.. etc.

We had some storms yesterday and there were worries that there would be sewage backup since the treatment plants weren't online yet.

Our power came on yesterday, but we haven't been able to use our a/c because it would be too hard on the weak power system(>.< the hottest days of the year - and Leigh took the one fan we had to the office - sigh - ).. Now news is that we will have to turn everything off at Noon - as they try to bring up the rest of the Metro Detroit Area.

We did see one cool thing on Thursday evening - Everyone in the area was without power .. and it was late at night and Leigh told me to go outside, he wanted me to see something. "Look!" he says, pointing to the night sky..

Stars!!! We could actually see the Milky Way!
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