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Christmas cake is still tasty

While cleaning up cobwebs, I found this file - Hyde looks like he's 13 Lol!
Click below to download the file

All the talk about Christmas cake, brought to mind a joke that I heard while
watching Anthony, I hate vegetarians, Bordain - he was touring around Osaka.
He said that there is an old Japanese joke - if 3 Japanese were to suddenly come in to money, 1 being from Tokyo, 1 being from Kyoto & 1 being from Osaka.. The Tokyo & Kyoto folk would spend all their money on Clothes & shoes, & The Osaka jin would spend it all on food!
I have a sneaking suspicion that there is truth to the joke (except I think Japanese in general seem to really like food - but then, most of the folks I knew were from Osaka area)

So far, my Survey of Japan class is pretty interesting. In this week's class we watched a documentary that was made in the 90's - it included Japan's fascination for America during the 50's - it showed a few salarymen relaxing in a "Western Style" Cowboy theme saloon , love hotels, & some Gaijin Tarento

I'm a bit worried about having enough stamina to get back into life - My Professor canceled the Japanese language class for this week - because the weather was snowy, icy & he saw too many accidents on the way in to work.
I am such a wimp - I was happy for the unexpected vacation day..

I've had 2 acupuncture treatments & they didn't really help. The huneke neural therapy was the next option, but my hernia seems to be getting bigger & I would have to talk to my surgeon first.

Mu favorite tv host, Bonnie Hunt had a cute segment today - Bonnie's older dog died & poor Charlie has been sad since - so she has been on the lookout for a new friend The potential pup mates were all so very cute.

Big hugs & Prayers out to kaighn =^.^= I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.

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