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momochan does it again

I love Momo - In fact.. I love looking at the many great illustrators I seem to come across online.. dai2die, domo, (domo's friend who does awesome illus.. gomen I'm not sure of the name).. How great it is to be able to enjoy it from miles away! ^_^

and please- enjoy the total beauty of the GakuHy (HyGaku?) illus.. by going here

Gakuhy loveseat
Click on the illus to enlarge...

>.< I hope Leigh is in a better mood when he gets home. I asked him "How was work" . He told me "It makes me mad" but he refused to talk about it.. but typically, Leigh... *chu~* hope you feel better Leigh.. even if you are a cranky pants

Good luck to diluendo and her 時差ぼけ ~~ ホームシック

Sends over Gacchan with some Ginger tea for Sophie...
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