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How old am I in dog years?

I'm just about ready to leave for my brother's annual holiday party - which is always
on my birthday - it's nice to be home instead of the hospital ^-^ My father was also
in the hospital & released right before Christmas. Tests showed he had a small heart attack
& he had surgery to have stint put in. He was in the hospital for 2 days - I'm jealous lol
I never have had such a short hospital stay .. He will have another stint put in next month -
I think that because my father was always active, he remains pretty healthy for being in his
80's. He also paints & does Zazen meditation, I'm sure that also helps.

I've been baking bread for the past 2 days & my house smells really good - I wish I could
enable a scratch & sniff photo in lj. ^.^

Hugs & Love to all of you
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