nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

I'm walking on sunshine

The photo is from a birthday card my parents gave me years back - this
quote always rang true in my heart

Thank you to everyone for their good wishes & inquiring about my health

I'm doing pretty well since I came home from the hospital. Sometimes I
get a bit depressed about having bouts of pain everyday - then I look
back to 2006/2007 & realize how things are always changing.

2 years ago
I had fistulas (It can be described as a passageway that progresses from the intestine to the surgery site and then to the skin.) Besides the general
ick factor of fistulas, I pretty much smelled like a garbage truck on a
hot day - I don't know how my family managed to put up with me~!

2 years ago, I was receiving food through a tube in my intestines & I had
a visiting therapist come 2 x a week so I could learn to walk again...


A recent statement from my surgeon's office had me walking through
my memory lane of surgery ^.~ This doesn't include anything from
July 2006 - to Oct 8 2006 since I was at a different hospital.

10/09/06 Office Consult
10/13/06 Fuse bile ducts/bowel/roux-en
10/13/06 Ultrasonic Guidance Intraoper
10/24/06 Intestinal Surgery Procedure
10/24/06 Suture, small intestine
10/24/06 Wound Vac Care
10/26/06 Bowel to bowel fusion
10/26/06 Suture, small intestine
10/26/06 Wound Vac Care
10/26/06 Partial removal of colon
10/29/06 Follow up repair of abdominal wall
10/29/06 Wound Vac Care
10/31/06 Follow up repair of abdominal wall
01/08/07 Upper GI Endoscopy w/dilation
06/05/07 Drainage of peritoneal abcess
06/05/07 Wound Vac Care
07/03/07 Office/outpatient visit
07/04/07 Abdomen surgery procedure NEC
07/09/07 Removal of small intestine
07/09/07 Suture, small intestine
07/09/07 Repair bowel skin fistula
07/09/07 Removal of small intestine
07/09/07 Vent/INS Hernia Recurrent
07/09/07 Implantation of Mesh
07/15/07 Suture, small intestine
07/18/07 Wound Vac Care
07/18/07 Change gastronomy tube
07/21/07 wound Vac Care
10/30/07 Office/outpatient visit
11/27/07 Office/outpatient visit
12/13/07 Office/outpatient visit
01/28/08 Repair bowel skin fistula
01/28/08 Removal of small intestine
03/20/08 Incision & Drainage abscess
06/24/08 Office/outpatient visit

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