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Why is it all the wonderful, witty, poetic and earth shattering comments I have to say escape my brain when I'm posting on LJ? haha

My one boss called in sick - and the other folk I work for .. were off at meetings. so lada lada another slow day.. Oh! but I did spend my idle time using our internal library and the internet to find ESL references for the Taka who I tutored tonight. I found a cool set of flashcards on line.. Kanji/kana & english ! Oh but that link is at work.. (I can't seem to bring it up here..) So I will post it later.. Such a cool thing!

I got a snailmail from a penpal in Finland - ooh it's always so nice to hear from her.

My dearest friend Hazuki is having a bit of a low and depressing time.. so I am praying for her .. Oh please join in with me and think good thoughts for her - she has a debilitating illness - and since her doctor's can't explain it - she can't obtain a handicapped medical certificate because her doctor .. is basically a shithead.. I can't remember the name.. it almost sounded like Fibromyalgia - but more limiting Her condition has an entire support group in Canada (when I looked up info on the internet.. ahh I can't remember the name) but ahh BFish can attest she is one of the dearest things ever.. if any of you have spare kind wishes in your thoughts? thanks!
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