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They look so innocent while they are sleeping

I received the cutest gift from my friend Naomi - Photobucket
Of course, Kaz thinks the gift belongs to him, but I've learned to keep my husky plushies
away from Mr. Curious.

Perhaps I've mentioned that my Siberian plushie - Musher was a constant companion
of mine in the hospital - which I often used to torture my surgeon - has also had surgery-
my Mom tried to repair him, but I think he needs a team of specialist. Thank goodness my Mom
had the foresight to buy me a backup Musher - haha!~ it's true Sadly, the original Mush is deformed after surgery, just like me *sigh*

Musher on the Musher on the

I had dinner yesterday with my in-laws & family - My father in law told me Eat! Eat!
I told him that they had kept in me the hospital a few weeks so I would gain some weight - He looked at me and said "They didn't do a very good job"

My family would often tease me about always liking people (my father would often chide me
& say I would like a serial killer)... I do try to find the best in people, but the news
about the Madoff Ponzi scheme just makes me furious - - How can someone be so shameless, have no regard for the lives he ruined?? Charities hit hard & may have to close & to make matters worse - ponzi scheme ignites antisemitism online

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