nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

sh*t happens

I am a bit distressed to find myself a 93 lb weakling once again - my internal
plumbing keeps going on strike - about every 8 days a cycle of pain/vomiting has
been occurring. My poor neglected vegetable bin in the icebox, it seems that
after I get the strength to go shopping I then find myself unable to eat/drink/cook

Leigh remains my strength & inspiration - Yesterday I was scheduled for an Upper GI
series (to pinpoint the place in my plumbing that is being blocked) An Upper GI should
only take 1 hr or 2, but my system is too slow & I had to return to the hospital this
morning for the last scan. On the bright side, the hospital gave me a $5 Coupon good
at their cafeteria or gift shop -

My Mom has a nasty case of shingles **hugs & prayers to you Mom!** When I inquired
about how she was doing, she quickly says "I've got nothing to complain about compared to
what you are going through" *sigh* Hopefully, I've not been too whiny Pain is pain
no matter what -

I've been a fan of Bonnie Hunt for a long time - she has a kind hearted humor
that I adore. I've discovered that she was an oncology nurse, so that makes
me love her even more! Sadly, her daytime talk show is on a wimpy uhf channel here in Detroit Daytime talk shows are like restaurants, many likely to fail -
crossing fingers that Bonnie can get her show off to a good start.

Bonnie Hunt Show

Thanks to the delightful Matsuchan for these L'arc à Paris scans

Just a quick note - we've discovered that our Siberian has a real
spiritual side - This morning, Kaz (aka Mr. Snoopy Snoops) had chewed
up a few of the maps in the bible Leigh was using - thankfully, it was
a Bible my folks got at the Library book sale & according to Leigh, the
maps were crap (& Kaz seems to agree)

Hugs & Peace
Tags: thanks to matsuchan
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