nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

maybe it's maybelline.

Something I had wondered for a while now turns out to be true. When I first started my
love affair with hospital stays - July 24 2006 - I thought the reason I was so extremely
tired was due to endometriosis & the fact that I had 2 cycles a week apart. It turns
out I was very anemic - with a hemoglobin level of 6 (the desired is 12 or higher) and
I received 4 units of blood. - anyhoo, that was the last time I had a period. Hmmmm..
could it be possible that I went thru menopause during the past 2 years? The answer is yes!
According to recent bloodwork, I am post menopausal. So my advice - go through
menopause while being heavily sedated
lol Well, it worked for me anyway.

Our pretty Siberian Kaz is settling in - I'm hoping that our Sally starts to
take a shine to him - she can make the most fierce ugly face! -

I was wondering how Sarah Palin was viewed on Aboriginal/Native issues -
from what I could gather, it's mixed. Her husband, Todd is 1/16 Yu'pik . Sarah's mother in law was well respected by native Alaskans while on the board of Alaska Federation of Natives"

Yupik peoples are the largest Indigenous group in Alaska - & like most indigenous people- there is a large problem of poverty.

I was surprised to find that Japan recognized the Ainu people as indigenous.. I was wtf? they weren't recognized before now??
Ainu recognized

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