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( apologies to those on my 'friends list' OH WAIT SCRATCH THAT EDIT

>.< uggh woke up with an awful earache - so I called in saying I'd be late -
It was a very dull day at work.. but haha it's work - so I guess that and dullness go hand in hand..

I saw this amusing tidbit.. Morning Musume is going to be use in a campaign for SDF (Self Defense forces Morning Musume - Semper Fi! ^.~ well Ger, now that MM is on the self defense bandwagon..your work should be cut out for you (ahh but really, I don't know exactly what SDF is..LOL)

ahh and I'm starting to wonder if Arnold Schwarzenegger could become the new Gov for California - how interesting.. I really hated Reagan, (oh but not as much as the dickhead in office right now..but I digress).. It should be interesting.

LJ Edit.. AGAIN..........Well Helayne is just a freakin moron - and can't figure out how to get the ljcut to work with multiple pics.. no matter how many times I tried.. they all appeared..

bangs head on table...
well I scrapped all the other pics - so please check the rest out here:

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