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This is just stellar -
Hugs to the lovely Eleonora for some interesting tidbits from Hydeist Times
★In the CD first press it was included the PV making.
Hyde: The making is the best. Maybe KAZ fans will increase. Increase or.....decrease.

★(laugh) Because they will be able to see KAZ san in a new light?
Hyde:Yes. I guess there are fans that dislikes him, so there are some that likes him. Anyway, they will forget immediately about seeing the PV, the whole thing was just about being able to watch my nipple piercing, wasn't it (laugh).

My dear friend Mim (who was my neighbor - but recently was compelled to
move because someone complained about her dogs - she does rescue work)
anyhoo - she has started up a rescue group Forgotten Angels

She called me today to say her rescue partner had come across a Siberian Husky - so she asked if I was interested. I told Leigh about it, and I
was surprised when he said he was interested, he thought Sally & King
are getting a bit lazy - so they could use the company. We'll
have to see how the dog gets along - but according to the gal who is fostering the Sibe now says it gets along with all her dogs !
I miss my Tasha

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