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where did I leave those pieces of me? oh yeah.. they are in you .. inches deep

Ahh It's interesting learning the new work environment - .. - and I 'm so not used to be 'assertive' lol! a coworker - oh she must not really computer friendly - because we had to do this mailing list thing - I wanted to do it online, she wanted to type it up on the typewriter (our typewriters are IBM selectricts that are like 35 years old.. ) >.< I tried not to sound bossy.. oh this is so odd for me LOL I've been so used to my coworkers before being more assertive (and yes! I did agree with them.. so it wasn't like just a panty waist thing.. they just were very bright & intuitivie and more controlling)...

ahhh but on the 'fun'? side.. ahah I tried being creative in the kitchen ...
(oh this is mostly for the sake of Kanashimi2.. who I feel is a fellow soul mate in the kitchen lol!).. Pasta salad with
shell pasta.. blanched green beans & zucchini.. pesto (which I made too... basil, roasted pecans, olive oil, garlic, white miso) and some sundried tomatoe just for fun! yay! ^_^ Leigh liked it..

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