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Spam from our lovely Chinese fan friends at the Hytsu bbs

Leigh & I saw my surgeon this past Thursday and I was disappointed to find my weight had dropped to 98 lbs. Perhaps it's even less then that, as I spent the past few days in painful agony & vomiting-- Thankfully, my body is feeling less cranky & whatever had it so annoyed has settled down.>

My neighbor has bought herself a new house in West Bloomfield - there is no limit to the
amount of pets one can have there. It is also a much nicer area then where we live - the
one benefit to the situation, she couldn't have found a better time to be a house buyer. I'm
sure this house would be about 100,000 higher if it was still in the prime real estate days.

I felt touched when she told her friend, "I didn't have any problems with leaving Taylor, except for Helayne" (wipes tear). . While it was so convenient being neighbors, I hope this works out wonderful for her - she can expand her rescue capacity & when the housing market comes back up, she'll be sitting on a great investment.
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