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there is the Christian Right & Christian WRONG

Photo above - Punishment in a forced labor camp, 1930s, Georgia

In the span of a few days, I've come across 2 interesting & astonishing books which
tell stories of distressing things that were largely unnoticed ..

Slavery by another name
This book reveals a shameful history of the re-enslavement of Black Americans after emancipation. How did this happen? Under laws enacted specifically to intimidate blacks, tens of thousands of African Americans were arbitrarily arrested, hit with outrageous fines, and charged for the costs of their own arrests. With no means to pay these ostensible “debts,” prisoners were sold as forced laborers to coal mines, lumber camps, brickyards, railroads, quarries and farm plantations.

Today, Leigh & I were listening to NPRs

The Diane Rehm Show which
featured the author of The Family, Jeff Sharlet
I recommend that you give a listen to the interview. He reveals that this highly
influential group has it's stranglehold on American policy.

from Killing the Buddha
The Family is about the other half of American fundamentalist power—not its angry masses, but its sophisticated elites. Sharlet follows the story back to Abraham Vereide, an immigrant preacher who in 1935 organized a small group of businessmen sympathetic to European fascism, fusing the far right with his own polite but authoritarian faith. From that core, Vereide built an international network of fundamentalists who spoke the language of establishment power, a “family” that thrives to this day. In public, they host the National Prayer Breakfast; in private they preach a gospel of “biblical capitalism,” military might, and American empire. Citing “Hitler, Lenin, and Mao” as model leaders, the Family’s current leader, Doug Coe, declares, “we work with power where we can, and build new power where we can’t.”

A reviewer wrote:
""Of all the important studies of the American right, The Family is undoubtedly the most eloquent. It is also quite possibly the most terrifying. This story of a secretive and unmerciful church of 'key men' goes way beyond Jesus Christ, CEO—it's Jesus Christ, lobbyist; Jesus Christ, strikebreaker; and maybe even Jesus Christ, fuehrer."

This powerful group of so-called Christians admire Hitler, Lennin & Mao & they supported
dictators like Papa Doc. I need to get this book - yet I'm almost afraid to read it.

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