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ho hum it was a rather dull Saturday - ... I seemed to spend a lot of time to get little accomplished.. don't you hate that?

Hopefully everyone else had a more exciting day - as whenever I went online.. I didn't see anyone there! (oh but I admit there are some people on my AIM /MSN friends chat list..=and I have no idea who they are! lol... I think I must have added them during chatroom started by Ri or Ger-- yes helayne's memory is like a sieve

^_- Yay! big big big hugs to loverly Riri chan who renewed my Hydeist membership... and ufuuf how sweet of them, they posted up the wallpaper section finally when I was re-instated as a member.. and no surprise here.. the wpapers are OK..but geez my friends make far better ones.. why is that? take the Hydeist wp challenge
here are some official wallpapers..

here are wpapers by friends wz..

(actually w z has more loverly wpapers..but I don't have the links offhand.. gomen)

by liv..

ahh well I went to the health food store to buy some things that I hope will help me.. such as dong quai,wild yam root.. vitamin b complex.. ahh but who knows it my just be worth the placebo effect

Perhaps I'm totally off the mark here..but I was watching the movie "Pump up the volume" with Christian Slater.. (where did he disappear to by the way?) and I was struck by thinking ... the scenario of the movie reminded me so much of the internet (well I think people weren't on the net then.. so .. radio was always like the internet in a way.. don't you think?) or mostly I mean the people I seem to have met on the internet.. haha
teens who feel like they are loners (and doesn't everyone for the most part?) and often dress up in theatrical clothing ... but like I said...maybe I'm offbase..
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