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Animal lovers speak up - film at 11

On Tuesday, my neighbor asked if I wanted to go to the River Rouge
City Council meeting to show support for animal lovers in the community.
Before attending, I was unaware of the situation & was really
shocked. There were several issues which were of great concern

# 1 The shelter uses poison gas - this method is extremely cruel
& causes great pain & discomfort (especially if more then 1
animal is put down at a time).

# 2 If you lose your pet - it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to come and
search for your animal. There are NO SHELTER HOURS - If you
lose your animal, all you can do is call the police & hope the
information gets passed on to the Animal Control officer.

According to reports filed with the State - the city had a
ZERO Percent adoption rate - Except for animals who died in
their cages or escaped - the rest were put down with poison gas.

The Mayor spoke out to defend the Animal control officer & said
because the city is so small - he knows a lot of the pet owners
and would return the pets to their owners (& he didn't like to
file paperwork) -

Thankfully - everyone who spoke out against the Zero % adoption
rate offered to help the city for free - The activists were not
there to make the city look bad - they were there to offer
support & suggestions.

The Mayor made a motion to stop using poison gas - &
everyone interested in volunteering to help the city wrote down
their names , Phone #'s... so this is a step in the right direction

Shelter Statistics shock animal lovers

Shelter to stop using poisonous gas

Shelter to be overhauled

Photo of
city council mtg- you can see my neighbors, by I'm hidden *yay*

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