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trying to reach the elusive 100 + on the scale

Hyde doing his Bill Kaulitz impersonation runs & hides from TH fans

ahh pardon my inside joke among L'arc fans - a few are spitting bullets as a result of France 2's live report on the band's recent concert in Paris - "They are dreaming of being famous like Tokio Hotel" I have nothing against Tokio Hotel - I just found the comment rather humorous- perhaps it's just my pain meds talking ^.~...

Speaking of pain meds, I was discouraged to find that I've lost weight and my last weigh in at the doctor's office was 99 lbs. >.< I've been having a hard time with eating lately - lots of gas & pain which makes eating difficult & painful. I'm hoping it's just my body adjusting to having so many nips & tucks - - but considering all my reconstruction, I'm blessed to be able to eat at all~ :) pardon my whining..

It really isn't hard for me to find the blessings in my life each day - but sometimes things make it truly obvious. I went to a memorial service for my Aunt Janet. While my father came from a family of 12 siblings, my mom's family was a bit smaller - 3 siblings. Her younger brother Tony & his wife Janet had 8 children. They divorced after 30 years of marriage - but it was the friendliest divorce I've ever known. They continued to work together everday & were there for each other in the greatest tragedies a parent can know - Of their 8 children (7 boys & 1 girl) they lost 4 boys (2 to suicide, 1 to aids, and the most recent was found dead on the street).

My Aunt's health was failing - she had emphysema & lung cancer. During her last hospital stay, she & my uncle were planning to remarry. She wanted to get remarried on the date of their original wedding day - but as her health was quickly declining, they decided to remarry in the ICU. My Aunt couldn't speak - but her daughter told me she was absolutely beaming & happy. After the wedding, she had hospice care set up at her house - and she died 3 days after she left the hospital.. but she died on their original wedding date! Life had gone full circle - she & Tony was each other's one & only.

Peace & Hugs -
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