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hahah yes I know everyone is just chomping at the bit for my friends results.. hahah *silly laugh* but yes a good opportunity to chat up my friends...


. I would love to meet you in person ~ oh and I think you have some family bonds that few of us can compare to *sisters! sisters!* ... and while I think you seem to have your hard times w/each other - I imagine you will never find a closer friend then her~? ^-^ Lucky you..! You've experienced some great sadness, I so applaud you for getting over .. what I would have found un-imaginable! We don't often get to chat - but I think of you (and your sibling who I don't know as well) often ~... You girls rock!

2. haha (I doubt he will even read this ~ being In Japan now,) and I don't know you ~ I just know what is important- like me, you think Midori is wonderful person.! YAY!!!!!!!!!
best of luck to you~!!!!!

3. I have a special courage award~ for young friends who seemed to survive more crap then they have deserved.. EVER~... you will be always a special inspiration to many I think.. I would imagine myself just crumpling so into the dust if I were you - - I hope I can do some meager thing to help ~ and big hugs to your little sis too...!!!!! and haha we always have SakuhY! for the pleasant distraction.. vuvuvuuvuvuv

4. Damn girl! I wish I could wear boots like you! hahah! well you are a very loverly and bright girl - who *THANK GOD* acts so mature ... especially considering the explosive fangirl factor~~.. No wonder they all adore you!

5. I had the great pleasure of knowing you better during a natural disaster~ !! lol... such a talented artist.. and such a mature and poised gal... damn! hahaha I should have been so collected at your age - but I appreciate your talent..^-^ My dad does too!

6. "nobody on the internet knows you are a dog" lol ... wow it seems ages ahha when I was asking you for Laruku record recommendations. I admire you in so many ways - such drive and confidence in an environment that might make you feel otherwise... We don't hardly chat~ so gomen. I 'm rooting for ya

7. You are an evil evil nasty wicked girl YAY I LOVE YOU! hahahah you are extremely clever and bright ~ .. even if you doubt yourself at times.. You are also good at kicking up a fight with annoying fangirlies ufufuf ahh it would be nice if we all could be more accepting of ourselves, but it is difficult, isn't it ? and remember.. YAY doggies & kitties - ahhaha yes maybe people will always be mean...but our animal friends - they need us!

8. Oh I don't hardly know you - you are a Hydeist - maybe still in Japan ..but well YAY I hope you loved SSD!!!!!!!!

9. Oh I met you a while back ~... ~ You were so sweet to send me some clips of your singing (even if it scares your pets... Leigh & I like it! lol) ~~ I really admire your spirit - and intelligence... and *chu~* you've often helped me with Japanese without making me feel like the stupid turtle that I am! ^_^

10. I think I might have freaked you out at first - ahahah maybe I was toooooo eager to get you into Laruku/ S.O.A.P. stuff. but hahaha sorry a rabid Ken fan doesn't come along everyday and well hahah I was just so genki about it. Joking aside, I don't know you all that well either - but gyaa I am having the greatest time becoming acquainted..

11. If anyone EVER EVER thinks you have a Ghetto booty.. SH*T there is no hope for the rest of us!!!!! hahahah I know why everyone adores you... why all DJ loves to pick on you... because you are the sweetest thing on the planet~~~!!!! I had the great pleasure to chat with you almost everyday for a bit - and well life changed~ and now I hope I remember to chat a bit with those dear people in heaven.. ufufuf good luck with school!

12. Hazukashii! kyaa I love reading your posts~ kyaa so many live reports...deg events.. but err LOL I'm not quite sure who you are exactly (hits Helayne with a stupid brush) but yay you rock!

13. weh!!!!! wittle Tet waves ! I wuv you .. haha that's all I can say! REALLY! I'm so glad you are here!!!!!

14. I don't really know you - but ahhh I think you liked all the pics on my lj~... and kyaa you have the best LIVE REPORTS of Indies from Japan! Even a Moonchild preview! *confetti!*.. Best of luck to you~~ and enjoy every minute for all of us! ^_^

15. I just adore you to no end ~... and you adore Hyde just as much (or more? ahha) then I do... ^-^... You impress me as very philosophical, clever... and even though seem to be a parent by default - you manage to cope... Loves you

16. WOW You are another Jrock "guardian".. willing to spend her BLOOD/sweat & tears on a website..etc.. and not act fangirly in their presence.. ( ok ok .. well not act toooo fangirly~ ahahha) I swear one of the best images I remember from katsu-snow-con was
of you & the dearest Daisuke ... teaching him how to do corn rows... 'priceless'

and yes- we are sisters in the constant pain dept.. so I hope that goes away.. and YOUR MOM ROCKS!!!!!!!!

17. oH NO! HAHAH another person I annoyed thru their Hyde fansite.. but ahh yet again... proving to be a rather brilliant/ beautiful talented person.. I hope you can put up with the annoyances of DEG fandom - ... ^-^ and best of luck to you in school!

18. ^-^ ahah You are always slaggin away at work... or showing beautiful kitty photos! squea!! I things are always going caflooey in your apt.. err .. but crosses fingers

19. best for last? hahah ufufuf I swear did you get me into this? I am not sure how we met to be sure - *I swear it was a misunderstanding with a Japanese friend who thought I said someone was gay.. and I looked up the word gay in Japanese.. and you know how internet worlds lead to .. well ... anyhoo"
^_^ I adore you.. You are the Guardian - of DJ
Please do not ever hesitate to yell if you need help.. .. lurves you

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