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kyaa~ I saw Hyde's bedroom!!

ekeke well maybe it was his bedroom ... In Hydeist -they had a little hydeist movie of Hyde in chat = Oh can he be more adorable?? gosh .. I think not.. I made Leigh watch it . LOL as usual .. Leigh was ききながす ignoring the whole thing.. *smooshes to Leigh.. he is quite tolerant *
I was explaining to Leigh as I was in Hydeist chat that it was a way to help me learn Japanese... and well it is - but I don't know if he believes me haha... but since they totally destroyed the Japanese program at Madonna University -- well I'm just not willing to fork out the dollars & the travel time to UofM..


I really need to get my act together (private note to self...) aghh I hate to deal with realities

Again.. Prayers to Auwon
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