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another day of doot doot doot

I'm still trying to get used to the theory that my other job was less vital then the one I'm in now - since I really did diddly poo today - Oh I did filemaker installed on my pc - but that was about it.. la da dah

random observation - I tend to frequent certain bbs sites or mailing lists were people seem to put up w/my pesky presence ..and are friendly.. whenever I go to some new chat, or bbs .. (excluding Japanese ones) I always forget that people go from Zero to bitch in .. seconds.. *snorts*

and while the thought of Hyde kissing plushie pandas in summer kimono was almost too much for me to bear - hahah I think this just made my head explode.. Thanks to Liv chan for this !! He was wearing black no-sleeve t-shirts and blue jeans (and sun glasses^-^;) ... played "the other side" at first.

MC: Konbannwa~ Welcome to SHAM. HYDE desu.
He saw 3-4 fans holding pandas and said
"...u have pandas... I envy u ... I've alerady bought about 100 cans but I never win..."
"Have sex! (x2) Yeah~! Fuck me!" (oioioioi....)
"Fuck (x?)

mc:"Erect my pxnxs more. Can u do it?"
mc:"U only holding pandas..."
One fan threw her panda on the stage. hyde walked to it and get it with smile. Then he put it on the neck of his guitar gently....
mc:"I'm really in a good mood now!!" (oioioioi....)
mc:"We'll play a special song for u..."


He made a mistake again. They stopped playing once
hyde:"We'll play a special song for u..." (-_-;)

After the song, hyde fixed the panda's position properly then..fireworks on stage ! before playing the next song..

:: HELLO !!
hyde moved around on stage!

mc:"Next song is the last song.."
mc:"I don't have many songs. ehehe."
A fan in front asked hyde something..
hyde:No.. not really.. yeah.. i think i spend only short time for foreplay... but i can keep it for a long time after inserting... well, sing all along the next song and come together."
hyde:I love it but i haven't had it for a while...
(...kya~!!! my friend's guess was right!? O_O)


After the song, he picked up the panda (that was dropped on the floor) and kissed it as he was off the stage.

tsukareta! Man, I'm so sleepy and it's not even 8 pm yet............. ^^;;
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