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Luna C

^-^ I rec'd the Luna Sea Reunion DVD today -
I had totally forgotten that I ordered it ^^;; They still sound pretty stellar to me

True Blue
I saw my surgeon yesterday - & so far everything looks good. I've been cleaning out my
closet - and so far I've filled 5 trash bags full - Before I was ill, I was on average a size 10
or 8 (still had a lot of size 12 in the closet. I never thought I would wear a size 2 in my life! Sometimes I wonder what is more difficult, gaining or losing weight - at my sickest point I was probably 80 lbs. Now I'm still hovering over the 100 mark.

Courtesy of my lovely neighbor, I had me so great doggie fixes. I got to meet a beautiful red siberian one day - and I provided a lap for a long haired daschund =^.^= Puppeh spam totally stolen from cute overload

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