nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

So i've got my surgeon on speed dial...

I usually encounter some sort of pain every day - but this past Tuesday, it hurt just to
bend or sit up. >.o Argghh that can't be good - especially when my incision site starts
to swell and turn red. So Leigh & I set off to another ER trip - and my inner voice sighed
and wondered if I could go through this again. Despite the worried look on the intern's face,
the problem was remedied by inserting a needle in the incision site to extract the fluid.

^0^ Yay.. I was able to go home. I was still able to enjoy my most favorite part of the
day - it may sound silly, but I look forward every day to going to bed at night - and being
able to have Leigh next to me. After many months of hospital nights - I've come to cherish
those moments.

Thanks to shinny at Ark bbs

Tags: thanks to ark bbs, thanks to shinny
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