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25 or 6 to 4

HyXTetsu Pic ~ and the rather unfortunate wording choice that was put on the pic... Hidoko this is for you! haha

>.< my stomach still feels like it is full of gasoline - ergghh I left work early today - but Yay! was quite cheered up by a short chat with Michelle.

There was little going on at the office - so instead of just sitting there miserably, I thought I'd leave early.

I turned on the TV this evening - Public TV - and they have a "Chicago" special.. Lol I forgot how much I adored them when I was a kid. My Dad even painted their 'logo' on a windbreaker for me... oooh I was soo cool! haha ( NOT ) Imagine - 35 years.. and still at it - yay for them

>.< I thought I'd think of something witty to say - but my stomach won't let my brain think.......... duhhhhhhhhhh
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