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early days.. but so far ~~ thank goodness for low expectations [Jul. 25th, 2003|10:23 pm]
[Current Music |vivid colors]

Well! I survived my first week at my new job.. haha Yay me! ekekke

>.< & as I woke up with terrible cramps, I understood that my previous tummy troubles were PMS related.. ... *sigh* and I really had to force myself out of bed, but being just a few days in the job - I didn't want to call in sick.

Well thank goodness to pain meds - and most of the major throbbing *haha* stopped around 11:00 .. and enough time for me to get my bearings doing other stuff.

I don't think I've heard so many compliments in my life ~ so I'm convinced that .. wow! it so pays to come into a job where people had previous employees who
1. refused to learn the computer
2. were bitter about their job and didn't want to do things

I swear I've done like diddly poo so far this week - so I just don't know what to think ~~ but I'm thankful for everyone being so nice... Perhaps it was helpful to work in a dept for so long with coworkers who were so ambitious.. or maybe - it's just the first week hahah and it will all change soon! lol

^_^ My Dad went thru some surgery today and did fine - but too early to tell. Please let's say a virtual prayer..

^___^!! Yay! To find new VK friends on LJ!!

Went to a Lebanese restaurant for dinner - yum! ahah I always feel..such kindred spirits with the folk there, as all the decorations, and People! hahah look like things / people in my own family.. (mother's side). I must say, this recent event with showing the Dead sons of Saddam on TV (as endorsed by our President) really leaves me rather sick... I know I should not end on such a rant..but this is in my mind terrorism - just as much as our regime yapped when they showed dead American soldiers.. I just wish I knew what to do, what to say, without being brandished as a communist.

[User Picture]From: pimpinhyde
2003-07-25 08:51 pm (UTC)
mmmm *nod* u_u
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