nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

maybe vista doesn't hate me.. well ok it does, but

My last entry caught me on a blue day - but today I wasn't expecting to find Hyde's tour info & to actually discover that I can open the latest version of Hydeist times **cheers**

I've been so fortunate these past few months to
enjoy my days at my parent's house. I still haven't returned to work yet, and truth be told - I'm enjoying the great luxury of seeing my parents every day. Our routine - Leigh drops me off at my folks house and he picks me up after work. Often, Leigh eats dinner at my parents house & there is something so comforting about the ambiance there - it's hard to explain - but I find it's the gift I've been given during my year spent in & out of surgery.. I'm really thankful for everyday I can spend with my family.
I hope to post some photos of Hydeist times later -
love & Hugs
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