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Kawaii! Inuchan to Techan!!!

OK OK this LJ is ending up to be nothing to be but a shameless excuse to post up favorite Laruku pics.. Oh you are welcome!

Not too much happened - I felt a lit less crappier then I have been the past few days *yay*.. aahh that hormonal whirly go round..

and I got this cool stuff that hides (or helps to hide) the fact that I'm losing my hair at an alaramingly freakish rate. Gwaahh what is up with that? I can't get to see the dermatologist again until Oct 1st.. !! I hate to think of it - it was my one pride point (oh I guess that's what I deserve for ever being boastful) .. was my thick shiny hair. *sniff* it's all falling out.. but anwyay

Again I think & Pray for Auwon & her family.

^^;; I also shudder every time I turn on the news.. sorry - but I think Bush is just ONE BIG WEENIE!!! MAKE HIM STOP
I am on a campaign to turn Off all tv's & Radio's on September 11, 2002 - but I think It will be hard. Gash I'm like the worst American ever, eh?? Because I started listening to Laruku & Jrock allday to REPLACE the news I listened to before.. as after 9/11 it was Non stop Terrorist this, Anthrax that.. and living in INCHES away from the Largest Arabic community outside of the middle east (and LOOKING rather Arabic myself) this puts one on edge..)
How strange - this odd event helped me to really dive my head into Japanese learning & got me going into English tutoring for Japanese.. (well a by product of it)..

but I do not know what I will do on Sept 11 - I'm so tired of the Bush garbage


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