nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Is there a Doctor in the House?

I went into the hospital on July 3rd (the surgeon was optomistic that this would be a short visit of a few days... finally they got at the root of a problem...err well) I was released on August 2nd. So, OK , it ended up being a bit more intense of a stay then we had first thought..
some days in ICU, a Jackson Pratt tube (a fun little gadget that sticks out of your body to collect bile fluid gone astray), a wound vac the size of Vermont, and yadadayada..

Finally, the wound vac and the annoying little J Pratt tube are gone - so I'm home hoping that this is it for hospital visits.

Ha! I spoke too soon - I'm home for a few days and when I take a trip to the restroom, I felt
my feeding tube caught in my pants - quite a painful tug later, I see my feeding tube dislodged a bit, with an inch of tube dangling that I never saw before. Leigh calls my surgeon, and he said it should be OK, just press the feeding tube back in.

OK Fine. Then when it's time for me to get ready for bed - I sit down to take off my pants and
that entire feeding tube comes shooting out of my body ! >.o~! Gah! Again a call to the surgeon, who tells Leigh that he has a choice...
1. wash off the tube and put it back in (it's about 12 inches long) - then go to the ER
in the morning
2. Go to the ER immediately.

Always up for a challenge, Leigh washes off the tube and sticks it back into my intestine.
My only sedative was The Musher which I held quite tightly.

We meet my surgeon the next morning in the ER - and Xrays proved that Leigh put it back in correctly!!

My Dr. offered Leigh a job if "that mechanical engineering thing doesn't work out"

Since that incident, I've not used my feeding tube at all - and I'm feeling so much better!

Wishing you a wonderful day
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