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an ending a beginning

I wondered how today would feel - but ahh oddly it seemed like a regular Friday ... I was gawd awfully tired though today .. . and kind of halfway slept thru the day.. arggh.

On a nice note - ... Oh! I'm already on the mailing list of the new department.. haaha one of the secretaries sent out an email saying to update letterhead because the dept. name change and when I sent her a reply she was so sweet and happy that I would be working in her dept too..
(I swear... this trivial name changing crap-- it's a beast of educational institutions - and the most worthless lexicon is generated by them too... but I digress)
^-^ hahha I hope that 'being too nice' (is that ever possible?? laugh) pays off! yay

and.. oh my new 'boss' when I was leaving work today... he stopped and asked about when I was coming to work with him (see communication sux at work..!) and he was happy when I said Monday.

ahh I will miss my coworkers - and a bit nervous about the new spot - but now looking forward - yet a bit anxiously...

Leigh and I had a lovely dinner at the Japanese restaurant... We hadn't been - in ages! mmmmmmm age dashi dofu / edamame/ yasai yaki soba/ sarara/ kappa maki oishii!~

Leigh fixed my car tape player.. then >.< the cd player dropped on the car mat (just like 4 inches???) and it won't work now... I must return it! acck oh well .....

STILL flirts like a girly girl... YES YES there is a God!

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