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new day's dawn...

crap lost my whole stupid lj entry
>.< I always copy it..for that reason and what happened? duh duh duh duh

Feeling a bit ... on edge - tomorrow is my last day working in Accounts Payable. It really has not set in I think.. gahhh I've been there for over 23 years in that dept. >.< I was like coming to grips with all this crap and then my coworker showed me the salary schedule that was attached to an insurance bill we payed... Everyone's salary was on it.. no wonder my boss said "oh don't worry.. your salary will only be some $3000 less a year) ha!!! well geez I'd be blase if I made over 100 grand a year... grumble *SLAP*!
ok over it...

^_____^ YAY LEIGH He bought some parts to fix my car cassette player... I bought this irock wireless thing you have to tune it to either 88.1, 88.3, 88.5 or 88.7 and then you direct your cd player to it.. and your cd's play thru the radio.. Nice idea .. if you live in Iowa or someplace w/o people using every frequency...

Anyone out there ...could use this thing? Yeah I could see if I can get money back - but if someone could use it.. just as happy to send to..

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