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Typhoid Musher?

My months of hospital living has been filled with it's ups and downs - but I try not to get too depressed about it - sometimes things happen to make me laugh.......

Today, my surgeon and his group of interns came in during their rounds and did the usual poking and prodding. My surgeon had mentioned that the hospital now as a concierge service that will run errands for patients and family. My surgeon often teases me that the cause of my many complications are due to "Musher" my plushie Husky that has been my constant companion since this all started in July. , he said that Musher is probably full of bacteria and In all seriousness he told a member of the team that he wants her to contact the concierge service and have them send Musher to the dry cleaners. HA! I'm really curious to see if this will happen or not -

My mother bought me a "back up" Musher - and Leigh brought it in today just in case this dry cleaning promise comes true.

On another note- I'm curious to know what it is about nurses from the Phillipines that enables them to be highly skilled at putting in IV's. There are many nurses from the Phillipines here - and besides being charming, they have a special touch. I've discussed it with many "American nurses - and they all agree that they are the best at drawing blood and IVs (I've been tortured like a pinata by other nurses trying to work with my teeny weeny veins)

Sending you all good wishes - **hugs**

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