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moving on up? err down? haha

1st things 1st - Hugs to Katie & prayers for her Mom.. thinking of you...

ufufu hyde is dying for the sakupanda
and how many bottles of namacha will he buy before he wins? *amused*

ahh well I was the successful applicant out of 4 for the secretary position.. haha well it goes by seniority so little surprise.. I do not know when the new job will start.. My supervisor (haha the guy who axed my job) keeps saying he wants to keep me about as long as possible ...and honestly I believe him.. Phew! how weird it was like those 7 stages of grief.. anger / denial / acceptance... and shit like they had to make the agony start in March!!!!!!! and I JUST NOW know where my future is.. err that was the sucky part.. all the nervous anticipation / not knowing

oh well over that crap -- and hopefully it will be OK ahead. ^_^ Everyone has been so sweet to me - ..geez people in the area I am destined to go to keep saying "Oh when will you join us? that will be great!"
I can't tell you how much that means...

I went out with coworkers again to lunch today and GYAAAAAAA Gwen was there! I adore her - she left in 95, but she was back in town and it was a total surprise . I miss her bright spirit - and was happy to be around it again.

Got to chat shortly with Risa! gawd I missed her so much!!!!!!! happy happy
(we met thru esl class..)

Tutored Taka today - had a few weeks off due to vacation and things.. gawd that kid is so sweet and bright.. and >.< they think I do a great job?? ackk I think I am clueless ..but happy to hear...
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