nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

So much to be thankful for

It's a foggy day after Thanksgiving (and for some odd reason our neighborhood is peppered with inflatable lawn size turkeys) - and I was trying to compile a short list of things to be thankful for...but it's too long.

While despite that I've had a rather challenging past few months - I've been so blessed.

I've been able to 'hang out' and recover at my parents house during the day while Leigh goes to work.

Leigh changes my wound pads/gauze twice a day with enthusiasm.

Leigh put handles on the wall to make it easy for me to sit/stand in the bathroom as soon as we came home.

While Leigh & I were invited to a friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner, I didn't feel I was physically up to an all day party. Leigh & I had a lovely day at home with Sally & King (& Chinese take out) & it was a day I had dreamed of in the hospital.. just nice home-time with Leigh, hanging out & watching TV.

I Hope you can find something to give thanks for - ^-^ I give thanks for knowing you

Peace & Love

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