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says a prayer...

How unsettling, I witnessed an awful traffic accident today coming home from work. I was stopped at a light, and ... it was almost surreal - I saw it all happen in just a second.
It seemed like there were about 4 cars involved, and one van or truck..!OMG!! it was flipped over on it's side - so the driver's side door was up in the air as the vehicle was on it's side. I saw some folks get out of their cars who were in the accident *phew!* and some guy in an 18 wheeler jumped out and climbed on top the flipped vehicle and opened the driver side door.. I pray that whoever was in that vehicle is OK! Is it a full moon or something? because - I swear everyone was driving like total buttheads it seems... people driving way to fast, just cutting into traffic - perhaps I was just more sensitive to it after that crash.

Well - on a lighter note --- some of my coworkers took me out to lunch today at Lashish ~~ I am quite fond of Arabic food (most of it around here is Lebanese) and there are quite a few Lashish restaurants now. How interesting, this one we went to near work just opened and it used to be a Taco bell - - haha! it even has a drive thru~ gawd that rocks.. ."Falafel to go please.. and can you supersize that?" Imagine.. a Taco bell refurbished and now has all types of Arabic decor.. they did a good job though- and such an improvement of Taco bell, I couldn't even express it!
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