nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

back and forth and back again

^^;; what a day for fast forward and Reverse.. I am not really much of a shopper.. but ahh today I was inspired to buy hair! hahaha yes! (>>> ,<<< ackkk I had lovely gorgeous thick hair once.. but *slaps self - GET OVER IT!* and I found a cute hair clip extension last year and I use it all the time. so I went back to buy some different types ... and
man oh man mall lighting sucks, doesn't it?? we kinda labored on the right choice when I bought it, but going home I found it was too light -so I had to go back. and
*kicks self* .>>>> I forgot my purse! thank god I wasn't pulled over for a traffic stop.

Then ...I went to buy a portable cd player - to hook it up to my car. *sobs* my cassette player died again .. Well I buy the expensive Panosonic model with speakers - because I think earphones while driving is dangerous ABUNAI!!!!! well >.< despite the price, listening thru the speakers It just sounds like portable transistor radio - so I return it for cheaper Jensen version with car stereo capability... and errr since my cassette player is broken .. bought some wireless thingy that plays thru radio frequency...

but really this is hardly important in the scheme of things is it ? *laughs*... and on a political rant - oh I'm still wondering why it is OK for Bush to lie to us in the state of the union address about Saddam smuggling uranium from Niger yet .. err ?? Clinton has a stupid romp with Monica and everyone was screaming? err let's see... Bush's lie = our dear troops end up in harms way Clinton's lie = his wife is pissed... This current administration - frankly, they scare the shit out of me- and America seems to be sleeping thru it.

oh gomen I guess I'm just being wacky..

and if you want to argue with me about this. ... sorry I suck at arguing
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