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everyone gasped...

Interesting thing happened at work the other day, my supervisor came up to me and asked if I would sit at the switchboard from 1:00-4:30 on Friday (today) & I said without hesitation NO!
gawd! MY coworkers nearly peed their pants - They couldn't believe it .. They seemed rather proud of me *laugh* I told him , "well I'm going to probably be out of the dept. by Tuesday, so I have things I need to work on. But I thought wtf? I've never worked the switchboard before - crap, like I wanna volunteer NOW? geeze louise

I hope my Mother in law is ok - she's been in the hospital. At first they thought she had pneumonia, but I don't know now - I'll have to call my sister in Law - Leigh is oddly freakazoid about this stuff - Oh wait! That would require communication! ^^;; I think his family is missing communication dna -- haha I shouldn't grumble to much, Leigh fixed my oven! *yay Leigh!* OH wait! That means I have to cook now! lol

^-^ Kewl! My dear friend Michelle's (aka DH) boyfriend sent me some demo cd's & video clips of their band to send to some con's.. I watched their live clip of them doing blurry eyes.. pretty neat! Most of the other songs are anime tunes.. *crosses fingers* I hope they got some interest generated by this.

I know it's belated - but 誕生日おめでとうTIM!!!

& Midori - I hope your dad has a great "Midori's Dad's day!"
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