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Buddhist monks pray at Suthet Temple in Bangkok for the health of Thailand's revered king Bhumibol Adulyadej, who is to undergo spinal surgery.

One of the many many comments left from HuffPo feature
Israel Suggesting Full-Scale Invasion Of Lebanon...

It has been my experience that if you really know and love people from another culture, then you simply cannot objectify them or see them as a cartoon 'enemy' with no redeeming value. And you learn so much from the experience of getting to know them. What living overseas teaches you MOST of all is how you and your home country appear when reflected in the eyes and minds of a thousand strangers.

I agree with the view- except I don't think it's necessary to live abroad to achieve it.

Despite the fact that I live in such a diverse environemnt, few people seem to take real advantage of it.
^^;; I had to stop myself from smacking some older gentlemen for saying "They were showing all these protesters with signs written in Camel Jockey".

Support of Israel
Anti War Protest
I'm glad I didn't hit him, because that wouldn't have helped. I just wished he had known my friend Sucre , who was in my French class- as he asked me in tears why Americans kept calling him Camel Jockey-
I still get sad whenever I think of it - and this 20 years before 9/11.

Matsuchan - PatiPati Aug 2006

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