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Give Peace a Chance

I'm still trying to recover from my California trip - I feel like I've been in a bit of a coma since coming home - I've been so painfully tired, it's just started to let up today.
Perhaps it was the overwhelming combination of Maybelline!!© Hyde♥♥♥♥ throwing shamelessly girly airkisses to the band and the whole intensity of it - but I sure hope they come out with a DVD of the tour since I feel like I was sleepwalking thru it... lalalalalalala ♫♫♫♫
Since returning, I felt frazzled to the quick. I found myself falling asleep while driving home at lunch yesterday... eeek! I managed to cook dinner today, so *yay* that's an improvement (Leigh helped himself to Mexican carry out yesterday as I slept thru dinner Zzzzz)

Speaking of dinner, what's your favorite quick meal? I Often get too ambitious for the amount of energy and time I actually have (like today - Tofu/Kale/Oyster Mushroom quiche with Parsley Garlic Noodles & Salad... )


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