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How odd, while my job officially ended 6/30 ~ I think I'll be working in my 'old' department until 7/14. Leigh asked me "Are they going to pay you" ? haha my Supervisor assured me that I will. Since my one coworker has been off with a broken foot, and this is a busy time for us, I'm actually glad I was able to still be there to help. Sure, there are some Supervisors who are worthless - and I am thinking the top boss doesn't really give a toss despite her 'we care' blah blah blah - ....but I do have a sense of loyalty to my coworkers.. I've been really fortunate to work with them for most of my 25 years -.- Hopefully I'll get a chance to write up guidelines on what the tasks I handle, hard to believe that I've been so busy this past month (it seems one or more coworker was out due to illness) I've had no opportunity.

^-^ I hope everybody who is going to AX has a great time.. and yeah grumblegrumble... the people at AX seemed to do jackshit for Duel Jewel ~~..~~ I'd love to see BLOOD & of course Duel Jewel, but ^^;; I find cons rather annoying (hahaha I've only been to 2)-

YAY! Holiday tomorrow!!!!~!!!!

Eager to see what the big 'announcement' on the last day of Shibuya 7 days.. Single? Record? Annoucement that Ken is dating Tanaka Reina? (read on bbs.. then someone said maybe it was Tanaka Rena.. >.< man! Japanese names are too similar aren't they? hahaha) Maybe Tetsuko is pregnant? The choices are endless
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