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Milano_Naviglio_Pavlese Milano_Naviglio_Pavlese

cavy_carrots cavy_carrots

Milano picture from the Eloquent Eleonora – courtesy of trekearth! I hope my friends in Saudi can view these too.

My Amana (stainless steel finish!) refrigerator is supposed to come tomorrow. *yay* I think I’ll take a picture of it the first day with the door open, so I’ll have inspiration to always keep it clean. ^.~


I guess they don’t make $10 watches like they used to, harumph~! I bought a watch at the Canadian bargain store – maybe it ran on Newfie time? Because I noticed it was always off. Perhaps it just needed a battery, but it’s too big for me anyway – most watches and bracelets are miles too big and fall right to the floor. So I pondered about breaking down and wearing the Official Laruku 10th anniv watch, but decided it wasn’t a practical color for everyday. What’s up with that awful design? (or maybe I’m just not into pink plaid)


After going to the local camera store, their watches started at $60 and the one I asked about was $350 on sale. >.< ehhh I went to CVS and found the only one they had with a r a i n b o w colored numbers - $14!!

>.o gahh I've been feeling so cranky/moody/weepy/guilty/brain fog-ey lately, I sure hope it passes quickly. Remember on TV shows where they would have a character with a tiny Devil/Angel version perched on the actor's shoulder - One whispering the good advice, the other whispering the bad - it sort of feels like that... except that when I start to feel sarcastic/critical of someone, the other voice pops up right away to tell me that I suck so much more..>.< garrr

At work we provide area teachers with Blackboard accounts so they can have online courses/info for their class. Today I asked to sit in on a meeting with the Japanese & Chinese language teachers from one district. I would love to give them some resource suggestons - they've appreciated the ones I've showed them so far. Can you suggest:

Do you have a favorite educational site you visit ? (I’m interested in all languages)
Do you have a favorite English language- foreign news site? (like Japan Today

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